Damon Braces

We are really pleased to be able to offer Damon braces both in Loughborough and in Leicester.
Damon braces are  part of a fantastic orthodontic system, the Damon system. Damon braces have a special design, which differentiates them from traditional train tracks.

Their special design allows the use of light forces on teeth, which speeds up overall treatment time when compared with traditional braces. It also allows for less adjustment visits and the treatment is more comfortable than traditional orthodontics.

The results are fantastic!

I was recently lucky enough to meet Dr Damon himself and had a photo takent with him. He was a lovely down to earth guy, with great wealth of experience and knowledge. He changed the world of orthodontics with his system and his treatment philosophy and I am really proud to be able to offer this treatment to my patients

.Me and Dr Damon

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