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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Leicester & Loughborough

The aim of cosmetic dentistry is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile to meet an individual’s needs. For some, it can mean just a simple adjustment to one tooth and for others, it may involve a complete smile makeover.

A beautiful smile can change a person’s life and give them more confidence. We see this every day at the Dental Suite.

How we hand-craft a bespoke tooth

Cosmetic Dentistry in Leicester & Loughborough

Cosmetic dentistry is a term that is used to describe dental treatment(s) that make a smile look more beautiful or attractive. At the Dental Suite we understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has a different perception of what the perfect smile should look like for them.

The most important skill that a dentist must have to carry out great cosmetic dentistry is communication. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we fully understand every patient’s needs including all the little details and the reasons why before suggesting recommended treatments to produce the desired look.

“More like a friend than a dentist”
“Over the moon with my straight teeth”

According to Professor Gordon Patzer’s, “The Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon,” there are five main factors that contribute to physical attractiveness:

  • Teeth: 76%
  • Smile: 75%
  • Lips: 73%
  • Eyes: 63%
  • Nose: 58%

When designing a smile, we take more than just the teeth into consideration, and it’s important that the teeth are modified in a way that they sit perfectly with all the facial features to create the perfect smile.

The different treatments that we can use to create the perfect smile are simply tools to achieve the individualised look. To some people, cosmetic dentistry involves simple adjustments to the shape of a few teeth where as others require more extensive treatment involving braces, veneers, crowns, implants and cosmetic bonding.

Whatever your desired outcome is we would like to invite you to discuss that with us in a consultation where we can learn more about you so that we can advise on the best solutions.

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Reviews from Social Media

Tony Dockrell reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

Having not been to the dentist for over 40 years you cannot believe how nervous I was but the time had come to do something about my discoloured teeth and chipped front tooth – The service I received was quality and unbelievably pain free and can now smile again – If the Dental Suite could get me a new woman as well I’d smile even more! … READ MORE

Lynn Pallatt reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

It has not been an easy journey and at times very uncomfortable but the support and reassurance I have received throughout my treatment from the whole team has been absolutely fantastic. I can now smile with complete confidence. Thank you so much. … READ MORE

Hannah Cameron reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

Super friendly and helpful, and get the job done. Great team, highly recommend.

VivDave Whitehead reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

My first visit to the dental suite, I was very scared and a complete blubbering wreck. I saw Dr Bohora and Rebecca the hygienist. My main concerns were my smile, my teeth were awful and I hated photos of myself. After discussions with Dr Bohora a plan of action was made, this did require a long day spent with the hygienist but at no time during any of my treatment did I feel any pain. It was decided that I would have some of my teeth veneered, the best decision I have ever made. The process, though at times was long and laborious (I actually fell asleep in the chair during one appointment) was completely pain free. I have an unreasonable fear of injections and choking, but after some lessons in relaxing and breathing I got through all the treatment with no problem. I have to mention Laura .. The dental nurse who was with me through all my treatment. Thank you Laura, I couldn’t of done it without you and Kal. I can actually visit the dentist on my own now, and don’t need anyone to make sure I don’t head out of the door And my smile ….. Well that’s amazing and I smile at every opportunity THANK YOU all at Loughborough … READ MORE

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