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Receding gums leave your teeth looking disproportionately large. But as your gum recedes further, the roots of your teeth become exposed. When this occurs, your teeth become sensitive to hot or cold food and drinks. Without treatment, the loss of gum can cause your teeth to fall out.

Also known as gingival recession, gum loss is a slow process, and you may not notice it’s happening. Recession causes include gum disease, smoking, poor oral hygiene, vigorous brushing, hormone changes, diabetes and other illnesses.

The Dental Suite provides smile-enhancing gum grafting procedures that preserve and protect your teeth.


The Benefits of Gum Grafts

Gum grafting stops further gum deterioration while preventing tooth and bone loss. We’ll protect your tooth roots and reduce sensitivity by applying new tissue where your gums have receded.

Once restored, your new gums will improve the balance of your smile. Your teeth won’t appear too large, and you’ll have an even gumline. This can stop you from feeling self-conscious while smiling, speaking, or laughing.

The Gum Graft Procedure



Before we treat you, we must ensure a gum graft is right for you. We’ll thoroughly assess your teeth, gums, and jaw.

There are several types of gum grafts. We’ll recommend the most appropriate option based on your initial assessment. At this stage, we’ll tell you what to expect from the treatment and answer your questions.



Whichever route we take, we’ll maximise your comfort by providing an anaesthetic before we start.

The most common option is a connective tissue graft. Here, we’ll add new tissue to cover exposed roots. We’ll take this tissue from under a flap we’ll create on the roof of your mouth. We’ll attach the tissue to your gums, covering the exposed roots before stitching the flap in your mouth closed.

A free gingival graft is similar; however, it uses a small amount of tissue directly from the roof of your mouth. You may have this treatment if you have thin gums.

We may use a pedicle graft if you have sufficient gum tissue depth. This procedure takes tissue from the gum nearest the graft site.

In some cases, we may use graft material from a tissue bank.



It will take a while for your anaesthetic to wear off after treatment. We recommend having a friend, partner, or family member drive you home. Once at home, you will need to rest.

Stick to soft foods for around two weeks. Additionally, you should avoid brushing near the treatment site. We’ll recommend ways to minimise plaque using a rinse.

Your graft site may feel uncomfortable for a while; however, it’ll heal fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Gum Graft?

Gum grafts restore receding gums. The procedure involves taking tissue from the roof of your mouth, or a donor’s, and suturing it to the site around the affected gum. The graft covers exposed roots, reducing sensitive teeth caused by gingivitis.

How Can I Prepare for the Graft?

Generally, you don’t need to prepare for a gum graft. However, you may be woozy after the anaesthetic, so taking a friend or family member with you is a good idea.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Most gum grafts take less than two hours. You’ll also need to attend a follow-up appointment so we can check on your recovery progress and remove the sutures. The good news is you can go straight home after the graft.

Is Gum Grafting Painful?

We’ll give you a local anaesthetic before your gum graft to ensure you don’t feel anything during your procedure. You may experience swelling or bleeding following your graft. You can manage any discomfort with painkillers.

Can I Eat as Usual After the Gum Graft Procedure?

You’ll need to stick to liquids like soup for a few days after the graft, then graduate to soft foods as your mouth begins to heal. Treat yourself to your favourite meal as you’re fully recovered!

How Long Does It Take To Recover?

Recovery time is usually between one and two weeks.


Consistently Five-Star Rated

With 1000+ five-star reviews online, The Dental Suite is the East Midlands’ top-rated clinic for quality care.

Mohamed Oulmi

Perfect appointment: good prices, efficient with the timing and nice atmosphere thank you, from the receptionist to the nurses Mersila and Aicha and the dentist Anna as well as Meriem the hygienist 👌🏼

Steve Perry

Keiren and team welcomed me into their practice reassuring me that they would provide an excellent service. True to their word …. they have. By helpfully explaining my dental programme and each procedure as they performed them I can confidently say they have helped me overcome by ‘going to the dentist’ phobia. Thank you!

Gina Leverton

I’ve been a patient at the Dental Suite now for around 10 years and had numerous work done with standard fillings. Always friendly, and professional and I feel like he genuinely cares about his patients and his work. I always feel reassured and happy with the care I receive. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my dental needs!

Awwal Khonat

Aisha, Maryam, Sanita, and Georgina made my consultation and hygienist visits an enjoyable experience. Their warmth and skilled care eased any worries. Invaluable advice, heartfelt thanks, and a wholehearted recommendation!

Patrick Boles

Finally got my braces off and the end result is brilliant thanks Anna and the rest of the team for the amazing job you have done.

Brian Negus

I was referred to The Dental Suite, Loughborough, by my regular dentist for implant treatment to replace a bridge and a loose tooth supporting it. I have been impressed by the professional and friendly service provided and by the surgeon’s care in ensuring that I understand the process, benefits and potential risks of implant surgery.

Joanne Wright

Would definitely recommend the service at the Dental Suite West Bridgford. I had been looking for a dentist who would be able to help me with composite bonding, ahead of my wedding day. The team here were incredibly helpful, completely understanding of my position (and my nervousness of visiting the dentist!) and helped me every step along the way!


Having had my braces fitted here a few years ago, I’ve been back multiple times for follow-up procedures and have always felt at ease. The team are professional and really friendly. Maryam and Keily carried out my last cleaning and did a sterling job. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good dentist/hygienist in Leicester.


After an awful experience with cosmetic bonding at a different dental practice, I found The Dental Suite. The service was exceptional from the very first phone call. All staff made me feel very welcomed and safe with their safety measures put into place. Dr Sanita and Emma Whiteoak were very reassuring throughout the whole process and valued my opinion. I am very happy with the outcome of the cosmetic bonding. Thank you!

Joe Fox

Lovely service, all questions answered in detail, Hassan and rose took great care of me throughout treatment polite and welcoming



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