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Damon Braces Loughborough and Leicester

The Damon Braces System is an innovative form of orthodontic treatment and utilises unique mechanics to move teeth.

The elastic-free orthodontic system means that there is less friction during treatment which delivers faster results. Damon Braces are available in both metal and clear options for those that want a discreet solution.

The orthodontic assessment

The Damon brackets differ from traditional one as the brackets include a small “sliding door”, into which the wire can be placed securely, eliminating the need of elastics to hold the wire in. This special design allows the teeth to slide smoothly without friction and allows the use of low forces on the teeth and has many significant advantages which are listed below.

“Definitely worth it”
“It was amazing….amazing”

Very light wires are also used in this system. The wires apply low forces on the teeth which allow faster tooth movement. Because of the special bracket design and the types of wires used, treatment with Damon braces is more comfortable than traditional brackets.

Damon braces are ideal for people of all ages from teenagers to adults. Whether an adult or a teenager, the Damon system not only aims at creating a beautiful smile but also at improving facial profiles and aesthetics. Adult patients have also commented on the treatment and have said that they feel the treatment has made them look younger. Tooth whitening at the end of Damon braces treatment is a fantastic way of improving the already amazing results and we find that most patients want a whiter smile after teeth straightening treatment.

Tooth whitening at the end of Damon braces treatment is a fantastic way of improving the already amazing results and we find that most patients want a whiter smile after teeth straightening treatment.


How is the Damon Braces System different?

  1. Fewer adjustment appointments
  2. Less discomfort as no tightening, since elastics are not used
  3. Enhances facial aesthetics
  4. Less need for teeth to be taken out

What does the initial Damon Braces consultation involve?

You will first be assessed to ensure your teeth and bone are healthy. Once the health of your mouth has been confirmed, then we will require a series of photos, study models and a special type of x-ray. All those records will allow us to carefully study your case and draw a specific treatment plan.

How much do Damon Braces cost?

Prices start from £3,250 depending on complexity and the appointments are approximately every 8 weeks

Damon Clear now available at the Dental Suite


Damon Clear is now available at the Dental Suite. We are very excited about this because as well as having all the advantages of the Damon braces system but the brackets are now white.

The advantages of Damon Clear

  • Discreet
  • Resistant to staining and decolourisation during treatment.
  • Straighten all teeth for a fantastic smile that enhances the facial appearance.
  • Clinical studies show that the Damon system provides more comfortable orthodontic treatment than traditional braces.
  • Damon clear uses tieless braces that do not require to be tightened, unlike traditional braces.
  • Fewer visits to the practice than invisible braces and traditional braces. This means less time out of your busy schedule.
  • Easier to keep clean than traditional braces or braces which use elastomeric rings.

Damon Braces in Loughborough and Leicester

If you are looking for Damon Braces and are situated in the Midlands, you will find that our Loughborough and Leicester clinics are in easy to reach and convenient locations. Many of our patients visit our Loughborough branch due to it being a mere 20 minutes from Nottingham and a short distance from Derby.

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Reviews from Social Media

Natalie Macpherson reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

I had Damon clear braces and have been looked after by Ana. I’m absolutely delighted with the result. The whole team at the dental suite have been fantastic. I’d highly recommend their services. Love my new smile

Lou Needham reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

I can’t praise the team enough! I have come away from my brace experience with straight teeth as well as overcoming my fear of going to the dentist. Thank you!

Cynthia Buxton     

I have straight teeth for the first time in my life following orthodontic braces treatment. The whole process has been completely smooth and painless. I am delighted with the result. Thank you all

Pippa Green     

I have had braces for 20 months and the entire time the staff have been friendly and welcoming and they are all doing an incredible job.
My teeth look amazing!

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