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A Brighter, Healthier Smile

When you consider everything your teeth do, it’s not surprising the whiteness fades, leaving you with a yellow, stained smile.

The great news is you don’t have to live with a lacklustre smile. Professional teeth whitening helps give your smile a natural and radiant glow while filling you with confidence.

At The Dental Suite, we’re proud to offer the most effective range of professional whitening treatments, with in-clinic and at-home options to suit your lifestyle.


The Problem With Stains and Discolouration

Although staining and discolouration may cause embarrassment, it’s understandable that your smile may lose its sparkle over time. There are lots of foods and beverages that leave stains, and not all are unhealthy.

Coffee, tea, red wine, cola, curry, and even dark berries all leave pigments deep in the pores of your teeth. Other causes include smoking, poor oral hygiene, and certain illnesses and medication.

Alongside these causes, the visible white enamel thins as you age, causing the darker dentin below to show through. This gives your smile an unwelcome hint of yellow.

If these scenarios sound familiar, you’ll be pleased to know The Dental Suite offers a carefully selected portfolio of whitening options to restore your smile’s natural brightness.



Enlighten is the pinnacle of whitening excellence. This at-home treatment achieves exceptional results using highly effective whitening gels. We love Enlighten because it goes deeper than many other whitening treatments to achieve a Vita B1—the most natural shade of white.

Alongside its effectiveness, the beauty of Enlighten is how fast and convenient it is. You’ll get a beautiful, white smile while relaxing at home in two weeks.

We’ll begin with a thorough dental checkup. Weak or damaged enamel could make treatment uncomfortable. If you have cavities, these need filling first. During this initial consultation, we’ll also take impressions of your smile for your custom whitening trays.

To help you prepare for your treatment, we’ll give you a special toothpaste to use. This strengthens your teeth before you expose them to the powerful whitening gels.

Once your trays are ready, you can start your treatment. We’ll let you know how to use your trays at home. Over the next two weeks, your smile will gradually brighten.



Boutique whitens your smile as you sleep. This simple and convenient whitening treatment uses custom trays filled with whitening gels to deliver a bright, even shine to your smile, removing discolouration and staining.

We’ll begin your treatment by assessing your smile. Checking the health of your teeth and gums ensures your treatment is safe and effective. We’ll also take a set of impressions to create whitening trays.

After your bespoke whitening trays are ready, you can start brightening your smile by wearing your trays every night for around two weeks.

Once your treatment is complete, you can enjoy your new smile. If stains and discolouration creep back after a time, it’s easy to top-up your Boutique treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teeth Whitening?

It’s a bleaching process that lightens the discolouration of enamel and dentine. After whitening treatment at The Dental Suite, your teeth will look several shades brighter.

What Causes Staining of the Teeth?

Many factors can cause staining. Coffee, tea, red wine, and smoking can all cause tooth discolouration.

How Long Do Results Last?

Your teeth will always be lighter than they were. However, you may need to touch up your teeth by home re-whitening for one to two days, once or twice a year. This is especially useful if your teeth are exposed to anything that could cause staining, like coffee or tobacco.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Yes! Research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth with hydrogen peroxide under the supervision of a dentist is safe for teeth and gums.

What Are the Side Effects?

Some people experience temporary teeth sensitivity during the treatment. These symptoms always disappear within 1-2 days after interruption or completion of the treatment.

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You’ll see patients talk about what makes The Dental Suite great in our five-star reviews and testimonial videos. But there’s no better way to discover why The Dental Suite is above the ordinary than to book a consultation and find out for yourself!

Busy? No Problem!

One of the great things about Enlighten is that you can whiten from home. It’s the ideal whitening treatment to fit around a hectic home life.

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Taressa says she was made to feel welcomed from the moment she stepped through the door. It’s all in a day’s work for The Dental Suite team!


Consistently Five-Star Rated

With 1000+ five-star reviews online, The Dental Suite is the East Midlands’ top-rated clinic for quality care.

Emma Mealing

Had a filling replaced yesterday which was surprisingly pain free. the staff are very friendly and professional. I highly recommend this place, especially if you’re not keen on going to the dentist

Gina Leverton

I’ve been a patient at the Dental Suite now for around 10 years and had numerous work done with standard fillings. Always friendly, and professional and I feel like he genuinely cares about his patients and his work. I always feel reassured and happy with the care I receive. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my dental needs!

Brian Negus

I was referred to The Dental Suite, Loughborough, by my regular dentist for implant treatment to replace a bridge and a loose tooth supporting it. I have been impressed by the professional and friendly service provided and by the surgeon’s care in ensuring that I understand the process, benefits and potential risks of implant surgery.

Kawshala Jayawardhena

Fantastic with my children. Everyone is so kind and takes time to explain. Ana was most excellent when we went for an orthodontic appointment. Explained everything so well to my son and us. Thank you dental team.

Debs Lambley

I was very pleased with the service and dental work carried out at The Dental Suite Nottingham. I was treated with courtesy and respect by all the staff. Bernardo and Diogo explained treatment options and I did not feel pressurised. Maryam, the hygienist, was very gentle. I would recommend this dental practice.

Awwal Khonat

Aisha, Maryam, Sanita, and Georgina made my consultation and hygienist visits an enjoyable experience. Their warmth and skilled care eased any worries. Invaluable advice, heartfelt thanks, and a wholehearted recommendation!

Tim Foster

Excellent first time experience. Thorough examination and health check.

Zakir Daud

Maryam has been excellent and gives my son a really good hygiene clean every time. I have also had dental work carried out here and they have been excellent.

Rosie Smith

I had Enlighten whitening, icon treatment and cosmetic bonding with Dr Sanita and Emma. They were both very friendly and made me feel comfortable in every appointment. Sarah was also always welcoming and helpful. I’m very happy with my results and will be going back in the future for more treatments 😁✨

Subir Bose

Very happy with the services I have received at The Dental Suite in Leicester. Sanita is really very good. I am at ease and feel confident about the treatment I am about to receive!!



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