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Fee Guide

General Dentistry Appointments & consultations
New Patient Consultation including X-rays £90 currently on offer! Usually £150
New Patient Straight Teeth Consultation Free
£20 Refundable Deposit
 15-minute New Patient Dental Implant Video-Call Consultation (no dental exam or X-rays included) Free
New Patient Denture Consultation Free
£20 Refundable Deposit
Internal Implant Referral £90
Internal Endodontics Referral £90
Internal Ortho Referral £45
External Implant Referral £90
External Endodontics Referral £90
External Ortho Referral Free
(a new patient ortho but has been directly referred by a clinician)
Teeth Whitening Consultation Free
£20 Refundable Deposit
Dental Health Check £46
Gum Treatments
Gum grafting 1 tooth From £700
Gum grafting 2 teeth From £650 (per tooth)
Gum grafting 3+ teeth From £600 (per tooth)
Laser gum contouring From £250
Gum contouring with bone removal From £375
Xrays Small £12
Xrays OPG £70
CT Scan £150
Hygienist Services
Hygienist Visit 20 minutes £46.50
Hygienist Visit 30 minutes £70
Hygienist Visit 40 minutes £93
Hygienist Visit 60 minutes £139.50
Airflow Upgrade £32.50
30 min appt Total fee £79
Root Disinfection 40 mins From £200
Root Disinfection 60 minutes From £300
Direct Access 30 mins From £90
Amalgam From £85
Composite From £96
Cosmetic Bonding From £250
Root Canal Treatment
Anterior From £390
Posterior From £440
Re-treatment From £795
Incisor From £410
Premolar From £490
Molar From £650
Lab Work
Partial Dentures From £650
Full Dentures From £1,050
Sports Mouthguard From £180
Teeth Whitening
Boutique Mini £205
Boutique Home Kit From £289
Zoom Inchair + Home Kit From £680
Enlighten Home Kit From £490
Enlighten Inchair + Home Kit From £680
Teeth Straightening
Six Month Smiles From £1500
Clear Aligners (Invisalign/Smilelign) From £3000
Inman Aligner From £1500
Damon Metal Braces From £3250
Damon Ceramic Braces From £3750
6 Month Braces
Single Arch
From £2350
6 Month Braces
Double Arch
From £2500
Single Arch
From £3000
Double Arch
From £3250
Conventional Ceramic Braces From £3900
Lingual Braces From £3500
Conventional Metal Braces From £3550
Retainers (each) £150
Fixed Retainer Repairs £60 first link
£35 each additional link. Please book an assessment for quotation (£90)
Smile Makeover
Composite Bonding From £250 (per tooth)
Facial Rejuvenation
Anti-Wrinkle Injections From £150
Dermal Fillers From £250 per area
1 Area Botox £150
2 Area’s Botox £200
3 Area’s Botox £250
(please note we offer different qualities of crowns/veneers)
prices are per tooth
Crown From £580
Veneer From £650
Bridges From £580
Inlays/Onlays From £580
(please note the cost of dentures depends on the number of teeth to be replaced, material chosen and the quality of replacement teeth)
Acrylic From £650
Cobalt/Chrome From £900
BPS Dentures From £1500
Swiss Dentures From £1500
Premium Dentures £650-£1100
Superior Dentures From £1500
Superior (BPS) Dentures From £1750
Ultimate (Swiss) Dentures From £2000
Implant Abutment and Crown From £2000
(costs depend on the type of implant, abutment and crown)
Multiple Implants/Same day teeth accurate prices will be given at consultation depending on level of complexity
New Patient Full Implant Consultation 30 mins £90

  • 2 Implants at front
  • No bone augmentation needed
  • Removable provisional teeth

Final Result = Implant Retained Denture

£5,000 – £7,000

  • 4-6 Implants at front and back
  • Small bone augmentation
  • Fixed provisional teeth

Final Result = Implant Retained Bridge


  • 6-12 Implants at front, back and middle
  • Bone and soft tissue augmentation for more natural result
  • High level fixed provisional teeth

Final Result = Fully bespoke implant retained bridge with ultimate aesthetics

£15,000 – £20,000
Extractions £98.75
Surgical/Wisdom From £200
Deciduous XLA From £65
Sedation From £640 (90mins)
Sedation assessment £83
Membership plans
Prices will be quoted at your first visit as they will depend on the recurrence of visits required