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Your dentist and Hygienist can help you stop smoking


article by Raha Sepehrara

Everyone knows of the effects of smoking on general health but not everyone is aware of the effects on gums, teeth and the mouth. Because of these effects, the dentist and hygienist can help their patients to stop smoking

The effects of smoking on the mouth are

1- teeth staining, tar and nicotine cause a thick brown stain to form on the teeth and this cannot be removed by simple brushing

2- bad breath, the tar and nicotine build up on teeth and soft tissues causing halitosis (bad breath)

3- gum disease, smokers will be more prone to gum disease which can cause gum recession, bone loss and teeth can eventually come loose and fall out

4- dental implant failure, smokers are at high risk of dental implant failure as smoking affects the healing of the bone and gum around the dental implant

5- oral cancer, smokers are at higher risk of developing oral cancer and the risk is even higher if they smoke and drink alcohol


So why not consider stopping smoking? Our team of dentists and hygienist can help you! Please always ensure you go for regular dental check ups so that you can be screened for oral cancer

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