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You need Lots of work done but you are Scared of the Dentist?


article by Raha Sepehrara

If you’re in need of a number of dental treatments, there is no shortage of dental practices that will go through the motions to get you in and out the door as quickly as possible. But what happens if the thought of going to the dentist is something that you can barely bear to think about? It’s a phobia more common in adults that most of us think, but there are very few options people are willing to take in order to overcome their fear for the sake of their dental health. Fortunately, that’s where Dental Suite is on hand to step in.

“Since my dentist retired about ten years ago, I had never gone to get my teeth checked at all. I felt so daunted by the task of not only going to the dentist but letting another dentist treat me – it’s something that I’ve always been extremely nervous about, and just felt better avoiding the situation rather than confront it. It was something that frightened me, definitely. I trusted my last dentist, so it was so difficult for me to attempt to build that sort of relationship with another one.

My experience with the Dental Suite, however, put many of my initial fears to bed. It’s been absolutely fantastic here. Everyone is so kind, the procedures are straightforward (and relatively painless) so I can’t fault them at all.

I’ve had a lot of treatment here, and this is something that would have been the source of much anxiety a short while ago. Since becoming a patient, the biggest treatment I’ve had was an implant on one of my front teeth, but there have been quite a few – crowns, fillings, the lot. It’d also been so long since I’d visited a dentist that I’d accumulated an enormous amount of plaque and that really needed to be cleaned off, that’s for sure. The team helped me through each one patiently and professionally; they have been wonderful throughout my time here.

In fact, my family and friends have been so impressed with my reaction to the treatment that a friend of mine is going to be sending her son here to get his brace fitted. I’d recommend the Sleep Smile Suite to anyone, and I’m glad they have decided to choose here”.

Don’t let your existing fears hold you back from a healthy set of teeth and gums. We treat every single patient individually and will work with you around your fears and concerns surrounding the dental treatment to ensure you are made as comfortable as possible. Get in contact with one of our experienced team today to take the first step toward a healthier, happier you. Contact us HERE

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