Wisdom teeth

Problems with wisdom teeth usually present after the of 18.

In most cases, patients complain of bouts of pain and discomfort for certain period of time and then the pain eventually settles down. In some cases, the pain caused by wisdom teeth may require treatment.

Some patients may have a flap of gum over the partly through wisdom tooth and as food gets caught under the gum, the gum swells up and becomes inflamed causing pain. In such cases, treatment can be as simple as cleaning under the flap, while sometimes antibiotics may be necessary.

I recently saw a new patient from Birstall complaining of pain from the lower wisdom tooth. Upon examination it was noted that the wisdom tooth was coming through horizontally and was causing food trap causing gum inflammation and decay on the adjacent tooth.  In this case the patient require extraction of the wisdom tooth and a filling on the tooth adjacent to the wisdom tooth in question.

therefore at the Dental Suite, we always recommend to pay extra attention at those partly through wisdom teeth and make sure they are kept very clean to prevent gum inflammation and decay

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