Will my fear of the dentist get better with time?

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

The thing that frightens most people with dental phobias is the idea that they have no control whatsoever and that they are at the mercy of dentists. Lack of control, especially among people that want to always be in charge, could feel terrifying and cause a lot of anxieties and stress. When in an environment that causes them to feel under pressure and afraid, the brain reacts in various ways. It is no wonder some people end up experiencing panic attacks, as a result of fear that has overcome them. Do these people really have something to be afraid of when visiting a dental practice? Do YOU have a reason to be nervous? Absolutely NOT. Let’s find out why…

Why You Have Nothing to Be Afraid of a Dentist’s Practice

1.Your Dentist is your Friend
The dentist is your trusted ally. At least, that is what he/she should be, anyway. At the Dental Suite, we cultivate friendly relationships with our patients based on mutual trust and respect. Being the receiver of that kind of treatment and knowing/feeling you are appreciated and well taken care of is something extraordinary that elevates your visit to the dentist and takes it to another level.

2.You are Always in Control
Other than that, you need to know you are ALWAYS in control. That is what we try to pass on to our patients. As you begin to know and trust your dentist and members of the practice, you will soon find your fears beginning to lessen in time. Yes, it will take some time. After all, you have been afraid of dentists for so many years; it makes sense you’d need some time to gain control over your fear(s). Don’t worry though. We are here to help and guide you through this tedious process and we bet that dental care will very soon become a normal part of your life! What is important to remember at all times is that you are in FULL control. We will NEVER do anything that you don’t want to do. Doesn’t that make you feel more relaxed already?

It’s Been a Long Time Since I Went to the Dentist. Is it too Late Now?

It is never too late to start taking care of yourself and your oral health. Going to the dentist will be the first significant step towards achieving excellent dental health! Isn’t that great? There is nothing to be embarrassed. On the contrary, it is something you should be proud of!

And, if you still feel a bit uneasy and afraid, sedation in dentistry does wonders, especially nowadays, with new, modern methods that help patients with phobias feel more comfortable. For example, we can provide oral sedatives that you can take to relax before you go into the surgery.

And always remember: “We will only do treatment if it is absolutely clinically necessary.” We have a very conservative and ethical approach to dental care. Believe it or not, as healthcare professionals, we get the most joy from being able to help people access treatments they couldn’t before, as it changes people’s lives.

Don’t let time fly needlessly and aimlessly. Let’s shed off these dental phobias of yours. We are here for you and will do anything to ensure you have every reason to smile widely! Book your first consultation at the Dental Suite today and start a painless and stress-free ride with us!



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