why do I need an x-ray at the dentist?

X-rays allow the dentist to see any problems with your teeth before they become physically visible, such as tooth decay or possible infections, thus enabling the dentist to treat any underlying problems before they develop any further, saving both time and
money. At the Dental Suite,  we take x-ray every two years on patients at low risk of decay while more frequent x-rays are required for those who have high risk of decay. We are happy to be able to provide digital radiography to our patients as these not only give us high quality x-rays but also reduce radiation dosages by 80%!

We also have a ct scanner to allow precise and accurate treatment planning for our implant work and a lateral ceph machine to allow us to treatment plan accurately our orthodontic cases
In children, x-rays allow the dentist to see when and where second teeth will grow through. The same
applies to adults and their wisdom teeth.

At the Dental Suite we pride ourselves in using the latest technology to provide the best dental care for our patients

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