when a front tooth breaks off

At our practice we see patients from all over the midlands, from thurmaston to chesterfield, from leicester to arnold. We see a number of emergencies where new patients have just snapped off the crown of a front tooth.

In some cases there is an adequate amount of tooth left to provide a post-crown, which consists of a “metal peg” which is inserted into the canal of a tooth after the nerve has been taken out. The peg allows for a core to be build up on the tooth and this core is used to hold a crown.

In some cases the fractured tooth is unrestorable and requires extraction. In such cases an immediate denture can be provided. We are able to provide an immediate denture within a week. If the patient does not want to be with a visible gap, then an immediate denture can be constructed within a day for an extra cost.

Therefore, if you break off a front crown, do not panic, we will try our best to help you

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