What To Expect During a Routine Dental Checkup

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

We all know we should go to the dentist often. But in a life filled with growing to-do lists, booking dental appointments often gets bumped off in favour of working, spending time with the family, doing the housework, paying the bills, and dealing with all the ups and downs in life.

It may be a long time since you last visited the dentist. Life may have returned to normal after the pandemic, but you might not have returned to your normal routine of visiting the dentist. Or, you may have missed out on checkups for much longer. 

However long it’s been since you last visited the dentist, it’s never too late to start coming back to see us. It’s natural to be unsure of what to expect or to feel anxious about your visit. 

To help new and returning patients, here’s what to expect when you visit for a routine dental checkup. 

A Physical Examination

We’ll always look at your teeth and gums for visible signs of tooth decay or gum disease. This involves using a small mirror and magnification equipment to look at every side of each tooth. The powerful lighting in our clinic helps us get the clearest view possible. 

Dark areas on the tooth or damage to the enamel are signs of decay. During a visual check, we can often spot cavities or signs that one will develop soon. Cracks or chips in your teeth can be sweet spots for bacteria, which can increase the risk of infection. 

Spots of blood, swelling, and redness are early indicators of gum disease. We’ll also check the gumline to ensure no pockets have formed around the roots of your teeth. 

Dental X-Rays

If you haven’t seen a dentist for a while, an X-ray can give us an in-depth look at your dental health. Dental X-rays are safe, but let us know if you’re pregnant. We’ll perform your X-ray from the dental chair. The process is quick and painless. 

X-rays let us look at the position of your teeth, the health of your jaw, and any decay and infection beneath the surface of your teeth. 

Checking Your Bite

If your teeth don’t align correctly when your mouth is closed, it can cause jaw pain and lead to difficulties when eating or speaking. We check how your teeth and jaws line up. 

Oral Cancer Screening

You might assume we’re only looking for damage to your teeth, but during your checkup, we will also keep watch for any of the warning signs of cancer. If oral cancer is caught early enough, there is a better chance of successful treatment. 

We look for sores, lumps, and changes in all areas of your mouth that warrant further investigation. 

Overcoming Fear of the Dentist

Making that first step to visit us for a checkup is often big. You may feel anxious about the examination itself or scared that we may find a problem. Dental phobia is common, and whatever lies behind your fears, we can work on overcoming them together. 

Talk to us about any specific worries or anxieties you have. We can take your appointment at a more comfortable pace and give you extra reassurance to help you feel at ease. 

All of our team are understanding and patient. If you need treatment, we’ll always discuss your options and find the best way to improve your dental health that considers your comfort and clinical needs. We also offer sedation to make you feel at ease during even the most complex procedures. 

If you’re nervous, you’re welcome to bring a friend or family member to your consultation. Breathing techniques, mindfulness, and distractions are good ways to fight dental phobia. 

Dental Checkups In Leicester and Loughborough

We recommend visiting us for a checkup twice a year. If it’s been a while since you last saw a dentist, there’s no better time than the present to make an appointment. Contact us today to book your checkup.



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