treatment of gum disease

Unfortunately, gum disease is very common among the population. Most people are not aware of suffering from this condition.

We get many new patients coming from Nottingham, Derby and Leicester wanting to improve the appearance of their teeth. Sometimes, our new patients are not aware of having gum disease and we stress the importance of treating this prior to starting cosmetic treatment. Gums are the foundation to our teeth, so to have beautiful teeth, we need healthy gums.

Treatment of severe gum disease, ie periodontitis, involves the following stages:

– initial appointment with the hygienist to assess the extent of the gum disease and to give oral hygiene instructions for excellent home maintenance

– 2-3 more appointments for root planing, ie deep cleaning, which aims at removing bacteria and toxins on the roots of the teeth,

– we then leave the gums to heal for 3 months and we then reassess the situation

we always stress the importance of having regular professional cleans, but we also highlight to our patients that home maintenance is just as important.

everyone should see the hygienist on a regular basis

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