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The reasons why people are scared of the dentists and why they should see them more often


article by Raha Sepehrara

Our team sees nervous dental patients on a daily basis. We see phobic adults of all ages as dental anxiety can affect everyone. In most cases, their fears may have been caused by previous bad experiences, where treatment was carried out when a tooth was not fully numb, or because the previous dentist didn’t communicate or explain what was going to be done and why. Fears can also be passed on. So, if a child sees their parents being nervous about dental treatment, they are likely to develop the same feelings towards this and grow into a phobic adult. Other fears can be due to hyperactive gag reflexes which make the patient gag as soon as a foreign object is in their mouth and they get more worked up as they can’t control this. Other patients don’t like not feeling in control and/or have a fear of choking.

Why are Regular Visits to the Dentist Life-Saving?

We have seen it all and we know we can help you because we simply do it all the time!
After successfully treating a phobic patient and restoring their mouth to health, we stress the importance of maintaining regular visits to the dentist and hygienist to prevent further problems. It is important patients understand that not having treatment for many years actually increases the costs of treating a neglected mouth while regularly coming, keeps the cost of dental treatment down.

By not frequently attending your oral health, you don’t see a dentist to check the skin of your mouth for abnormal lesions like oral cancer. The dentist can’t check your gums, so you could be suffering from gum disease and if not treated on time you could lose your teeth. Moreover, the dentist can’t check your teeth to see if your fillings are broken or if you have holes. Broken, leaky fillings, holes, gum disease doesn’t always cause pain and you may think that because you have no pain you don’t need treatment.

But, prevention is better than cure. Regular hygiene visits allow you to keep your teeth for longer, which is cheaper than having teeth removed and implants fitted. Regular dental visits allow for early detection of holes and leaky fillings, which can be treated easily and it is cheaper than a root canal filling. Finally, don’t forget the significance of oral cancer detection. Middle-aged men who drink and smoke are more at risk from this, but it is essential to get checked every 6 months so in the event of this developing, it can be detected sooner rather than later.

Why are we Different?

The Dental Suite is not only another practice that treats patients with dental problems. We deeply care for each case and provide personalised care, while attending any dental phobias the patient might have, as we have all the latest technology and implement the most effective practices that help relieve the patient from the fear of anything dentistry-related.

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