The importance of regular check ups with Leicester dentist and cleans with hygienist

At the Dental Suite, we recommend you have regular check ups with the dentist and cleans with the hygienist for the following reasons:

1-  we can catch problems like decay or gum problems early, meaning that less invasive treatments may be required

2- we can screen your mouth for conditions such as oral cancer, thrush and other skin conditions

3- we can let you know whether you need to modify your toothbrushing technique if you are missing certain areas

4- we can give you diet advice if you are starting to suffer from acid erosion

5- we can help you stop smoking

Prevention is always better than cure.

There are people who only attend the dentist when they are in absolute agony, but this often means that it may be too late to save a tooth or the treatment may be more complex and it would have been easier and quicker to treat had the patient attended more regularly.

If you are due for a check up, please call us on 01509 231144 or 0116 2554373.

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