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The importance of nightguards


article by Raha Sepehrara

Here at the Dental Suite we have been offering our patients acrylic mouthguards (Occlusal Splins) for many years. Kal has trained extensively worldwide in this subject  under the supervision of the top dentists in the field .

When are mouthguards necessary?

- if you have a habit of grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw muscles

- if you are having extensive restorative dentistry, to protect crowns and veneers

- if you have jaw joint problems

- if you suffer from headaches

- in some cases, after orthodontic treatment

Mouthguards (known as Occlusal Splints) have been proved to be very effective in treating all of the above

What does treatment involve. At the first appointment, we will be studying your bite very carefully and will take accurate moulds of your top and bottom teeth and record the way you bite together. The lab will then construct a hard mouthguard (splint) which will be adjusted at the second appointment when the splint is fitted. Further review appointments will be required to monitor progress and to carry out any necessary adjustments.


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