Teeth damaged by fizzy drinks and smoking

A recent tv programme on channel 4 highlighted the damage that fizzy drinks and smoking can do to teeth and gums.


Not many people are aware that fizzy drinks, even diet ones, can seriously damage their teeth. A 500 ml bottle of coke has 50 spoonfuls of sugar!!! It is not just the sugar that damages the teeth, but also the acid present in the drinks. We are seeing more and more teenarges with worn teeth and this tooth wear is due to the amount of fizzy drinks they have.


It has been shown that smoking worsens gum health. There are so many harmful chemicals in cigarettes that can cause so much damage to our general health. The more specific damage to the teeth and gums are:

– staining

– gum disease

– impaired gum healing

– mouth cancer

For more advise on a healthy diet and on stopping smoking, come and see us and our wonderful hygienist, Rebecca.

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