Story of a Patient who Overcame her Fear of the Dentist 24 Years Later

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

Many people have dental phobias, which is an intense fear of either receiving dental care of dentistry in general. It could be anything, from fear of needles to fear of dentist, and anything in between. Dental phobias prevent many people from taking proper care of their teeth, leading them to a dentist’s practice as a last resort; however things are pretty bad by then inside their mouth. Fortunately, The Dental Suite has a wealth of experience in treating patients with dental phobias with tremendous success rates, which is something we feel very proud of.

Indicatively, we would like to share a story of a phobic patient who recently conquered her fears and had dental treatment successfully with Dr Kalpesh Bohara at the Dental Suite.

An Event that Shook her Up!

This lovely lady had a phobia of the dentist and had not seen one for over 24 years. This phobia had stemmed in childhood after a bad experience with the school dentist. Her parents as well were phobic and had passed on their fears to her. This completely blocked her from going to the dentist and the last time she had been to one 24 years ago was because she had pain from a tooth, but due to her irregular dental visits she needed 3 teeth out and that put her off from going back for 24 years.

Something in her life had changed just recently, and her daughter was going to get married in a few months, so she decided she needed to do something about her teeth to improve her confidence and to allow her to smile for the wedding photographs.

Going to the Dentist After 24 Years

She plucked up the courage to email us, as soon as we received her email, our Lovely Practice Manager her and had a good chat with her, finding out more about her concerns, past experiences and what she wanted to improve about her smile. This friendly conversation made our patient feel really comfortable about visiting us and therefore she managed to book in an appointment with Dr. Kalpesh. She admitted she had thought about not coming to the appointment due to her fears, but she felt it wasn’t right not to turn up so she came in with her daughter.

Treating the Patient’s Dental Issues and Dental Phobia

Dr. Kalpesh was really calm and friendly with her. He reassured her that she was in total control during her appointment and that nothing invasive would be carried out on the day of her first consul. So he went on to examine her teeth gums and the mouth, took some photos and X-rays and was then able to show the patient what treatment was required. Due to the neglect of her mouth, the patient suffered from gum disease and some teeth had become very loose. So Dr. Kalpesh explained she would require removal of the loosest teeth and a few visits with the hygienist to try and save those teeth that could be saved. She would have an immediate partial denture made to replace the removed teeth.

Dr. Kalpesh offered her the option to have sedation for the removal of the teeth appointment and for the gum treatment and patient opted to go for it. The patient had all her treatment completed under sedation under the care of Dr. Kalpesh and Mrs.Rebecca, our dental hygienist. The immediate denture was fitted and the patient was in tears of joys as she finally had a smile to be proud of. She is aware that the immediate denture will loosen over time due to the gum and bone shrinking so she will be back soon for the construction of a new cosmetic denture that will fit more snugly.

This is just one example of a phobic patient treated by us successfully. At the Dental Suite, we have plenty more to share as we see nervous patients every day at all 3 of our clinics. So, don’t feel withdrawn when your hand reaches the phone, as we are here to help you get over your dental phobias with updated and sophisticated means that leave you totally relaxed while visiting our practice. In the end, you are left with nothing but a perfectly healthy mouth, white teeth, and a lovely smile that is worth a thousand pictures!

Call us to get to know each other better and see why hundreds of patients keep on trusting us with their oral health and dental phobias!



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