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Stay Safe: Caution After Conscious Sedation


article by Raha Sepehrara

If you have elected to have conscious sedation to help you through your pain-free treatment, you need to be aware of a few important rules to keep you safe.  With intravenous sedation, you remain awake and in control but you will feel drowsy.  Many patients report they were ‘asleep’ during treatment when if fact they were so relaxed they have forgotten everything about the experience.  The Dental Suite have compiled an important list to help you remember what to prepare in advance of conscious sedation to make the day go well and avoid any complications once you go home.

ASK A FRIEND: If possible, ask your partner or friend to escort you home after your treatment and stay with you for the first twenty-four hours and if that is not possible, book a taxi to get you home safely. Although you will be awake and most probably will not suffer any side effects from the drugs used for intravenous sedation, it is imperative you DO NOT DRIVE or operate machinery until the effects of sedation have completely worn off.

REST:  Prepare to STAY AT HOME and rest after your treatment.  It is important you do not go out alone and refrain from visits to the pub or shopping trips.  You could make some very costly mistakes, or sign important papers you regret later.  The wisest course of action is to stay home, rest and watch a movie.

REMEMBER:  You may suffer slight amnesia after your procedure. This is to be expected, and it is important to PREPARE IN ADVANCE.  If you are on any prescription medication, read the instruction labels and put your medication ready, so you don’t forget to take it.  Take a day off work while you recover and cancel any appointments.

STAY SAFE:  A local anaesthetic will be used during the procedure, and you will not feel the full sensation of hot or cold or be in full control of your mouth.

DO NOT CHEW on your cheeks or lips which can result in ulceration and soreness.  You will be fully aware you are chewing or biting, but you will not feel the full effect of this until the anaesthetic wears off.  It is very important you do not have a hot cup of tea or coffee or put hot food in your mouth without testing it first.  You may scald the numb areas without knowing it and suffer later.

Follow these few simple rules and invite a friend to assist you in advance of your appointment and all will be well.  If you have any further questions about intravenous sedation, book a call with the Dental Suite today.

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