Special discounted offers for teeth whitening in Leicester

Here at the Dental Suite, we are happy to offer 4 different whitening packages to suit all needs and budgets.

Bronze Package – Zoom Laser Whitening

Silver Package – Professional home whitening with specialised tray design

Gold Package – Combination treatment, laser and home

Platinum PackageDeep Bleaching with Enlighten


Zoom Laser whitening No 1 Laser system in US and UK

  • Offers only 4 shades of whitening
  • Treatment 1 hour 20 min in dental chair

Professional home whitening with specialised trays

  • specialised patented trays to maximise retention of gel and whitening. Provides 6 to 10 shades difference
  • Appointment 1 – moulds
  • Appointment 2 – fit of trays and instructions provided to wear only 2 X 30 min sessions daily for 2 weeks
  • Appointment 3 – review 2 weeks later

Combination Treatment

  • Zoom laser whitening first
  • Then professional home whitening with specialised trays
  • Review after 2 weeks as previous
  • Provides 10-15 shades difference

Deep Bleaching with Enlighten

  • Best whitening method on the market
  • Guaranteed to whiten by over 15 shades
  • Appt 1 – moulds for unique special design trays to be made
  • Appt 2 – fit of trays and instructions. To wear every night for 14 nights
  • Appt 3 – at 15th day in surgery deep whitening for 1 hour





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