Six Month Smiles arrives in England

The Dental Suite is now able to offer the revolutionary orthodontic treatment, SIX MONTH SMILES. SIX MONTH SMILES has taken the US by a storm and we are proud to be the first dental practice in England to offer it.

SIX MONTH SMILES is a type of teeth straightening treatment and is an alternative to traditional braces and to Invisalign. If you have crowded or spaced teeth and are over 15 years of age and are not looking for major changes in your bite, this type of treatment may be ideal for you.

What makes SIX MONTH SMILES so special? The braces and wires are tooth coloured and therefore hardly noticeable. The treatment times are very short as most cases are usually carried out within 6 to 9 months.

Come and visit us at the Dental Suite in Loughborough.

A beautiful smile is just 6 months away!

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