Single tooth implants

At The Dental Suite, we see many new patients who have fractured their front teeth which can’t be saved.  The options available to them are dental implants, dentures or bridges.
Many of these patients wish implants to replace there missing tooth or teeth.
Replacing a single tooth is probably one of the hardest treatments to carry out successfully. At The Dental  Suite , we are able to offer fabulous results thanks to  Dr Bohara’s technical skills and thanks to the great artistic abilities of our master technician,.
Below are a few examples of cases Dr Bohara has treated in the last few months

Case 1
This lady was distraught when she lost her front teeth. We restored it with a high quality implant and ceramic crown. She also wished for a small gap between her crowns.

before implant

after implant

Case 2
This gentleman had a post crown fractured and the tooth was not salvageable. He was very pleased with the final result

before implant

after implant

Case 3
This patient presented with an unsalvageable tooth. The technician has copied the cosmetic appearance of this natural tooth remarkably well.



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