sensitive teeth

Many people suffer from sensitive teeth.

The causes for sensitive teeth can be:

– gum recession

– enamel wear


Gum recession can occur as a result of gum disease, or when brushing too hard.

Enamel wear can be caused by dietary factors, such as too many acidic foods, fizzy drink, health problems like acif reflux or bulimia or by brushing too hard.


Enamel wear and gum recession  will then expose the part of the tooth (dentine) that is very sensitive to cold temperatures.


The best way to prevent gum recession and enamel wear are:

– brush gently

– look after your gums

-use an electric toothbrush

– see the hygienist regularly

– watch your diet

– solve any health problems


Tooth sensivitity can be reduced by using sensodyne toothpaste and fluoriguard mouthwash. In some cases a white filling may be necessary to seal the dentine and to protect the nerve.

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