5 Wise Reasons To Delay Implants When Pregnant

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

Pregnancy can be a time of joy, a time when you blossom and look your best.  Alternatively, it can put your body under great stress.  You may find your pregnancy has caused unexpected dental problems and you may have lost a tooth.  You want to fill the gap and restore your teeth and you don’t want to delay.

That is perfectly understandable but the Same Day Teeth Suite issues a word of caution. Wait until your baby is born and they will happily help you with your dental implants and give you even more to smile about.

1. Increased risk of complications

Pregnancy is not an absolute contraindication, not a no-no, against having dental implants but as this is a surgical procedure, it is best not to put your baby at risk unless there is an urgent medical need. A dental implant is a tiny titanium post surgically inserted into the jaw bone to hold the artificial tooth.  The jaw bone needs time to heal and fuse before the artificial tooth is fitted.  Any surgery during pregnancy is fraught with complications and is best avoided if you have a choice.

2. Best to avoid X-Ray radiation exposure

Before going ahead with the surgical procedure, you will need x-rays to determine the exact position of an implant.  Although dental x-rays are safe for pregnant women during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, there are risks associated with the exposure of an unborn child to the small amount of radiation used in radiology. Even though a dental diagnostic x-ray focuses on the mouth area only, many choose to avoid x-rays altogether while pregnant just to be safe.

3. Avoid anaesthesia

Although studies show that dental treatment with local anaesthetics is safe during pregnancy, it is advisable to steer clear of sedation or general anaesthesia that renders you unconscious during these nine months. Anaesthetics are powerful drugs which you need to avoid, so they don’t potentially cause harm to your unborn child.

4. Reduce stress

High anxiety levels in an expectant mother can affect the development of a baby. An elective surgery is likely to induce unnecessary worry during an already stressful time. Your hormones, at this time, can cause mood swings and depression which are out of your control.  Relax and concentrate on your new baby, don’t add to your concerns and you will be ready for your implant after the birth.

5. Implants are best placed after you baby is born

Once your baby is born, you can visit the dentist for your dental implant as soon as you are ready.  If you are healthy and happy, there is no reason to delay.  If you are breastfeeding, your dentist will advise you on the best solution.  After surgery and the healing period, your artificial tooth will be made by our skilled technicians with the aid of modern technology.  The colour, shape and size as well as the function of your new tooth will be a great replacement and will soon restore your confidence. With baby’s first smile, you will be smiling too

For further advice on caring for your teeth during pregnancy, contact us below by leaving a comment and we will answer any questions you may have.



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