oral cancer screening

You probably don’t even realise it, but your regular dental examination involves  more than just your teeth
and gums. At the Dental Suite, our dentist at every check up also examine the oral soft tissues (lips, tongue, floor of mouth, cheeks,
roof of mouth and throat) for signs of disease, and also oral ancer. Oral cancer occurs nearly as frequently as cervical cancer, although it causes more deaths. Early detection is essential to increase the chances of a complete cure; if the cancer is caught early enough, it can be treated and cured very simply.
If you smoke or drink alcohol you are at higher risk of developiong oral cancer, with the risks heavily
increasing if you do both. Chewing tobacco is also a major risk factor for developing oral cancer.

In addition to attending your dentist for regular checks, you can greatly reduce your own risk of developing
oral cancer by stopping smoking and reducing your alcohol intake. If you require any advise on smoking cessation or if you have any concerns about your risk of developing oral cancer, please contact us for further help and advice.

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