Nothing to be scared of if you need a root canal

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

A root canal is literally a life-saving treatment for the tooth. A tooth requires a root canal when it is either infected or inflamed. The root canal procedure removes the pulp of the infected tooth and gets the inside of the tooth thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it is filled again and sealed with a rubbery material. Then the tooth gets a filling or a crown for protection and continues to function like any other healthy tooth you have inside your mouth.

Although the sound of root canal may create feelings of nervousness to patients with dental phobias, it is, in fact, not a procedure you should be worried about or scared of. Contemporary dentistry has provided us with superb root canal treatments that make the procedure very similar to having a routine filling. As such, you can expect a root canal to be completed in a couple of appointments, always depending on the condition of your tooth, and mouth in general. That said, the experience is comfortable and the end result will improve your natural appearance, protect your teeth from strain and excessive wear, allow you to chew efficiently, and have a normal biting sensation and force.

How Do We Deliver Excellent Results?

We try to stay updated through continuing education and familiarise ourselves with all the latest in root canal technology. To us, a root canal treatment is the perfect example of science meeting art. With state-of-the-art equipment and passion and skills related to our profession, we always want to provide our patients with the best experience possible and treatment available.
Of course, we totally understand the human nature. We are all humans filled with fears, emotions, pain threshold, concerns and past experiences. This is why at Sleep Smile Suite, we treat our patients, not as a problem, aching tooth or illness.

Thanks to latest research and technology advancements, we can provide high-tech root canal treatments, which are as comfortable as possible for our patients. Many patients have had bad experiences with root canal treatment. If done correctly by an experienced clinician, this should be a pain-free procedure! In detail, we use…

  1.     Nickel Titanium Instead of Stainless Steel
    Nickel-Titanium rotary files can, compared to conventional stainless steel hand files, clean the inside of your tooth and remove the infection more efficiently. What is more, with modern local anaesthetics, the entire tooth is numbed and patients have a pain-free procedure.
  2.     No Injections
    We can also use the “WAND” (exclusively used at our clinic) which is a computerised anaesthetic delivery unit. No more injections to put up with!
  3.     All the Latest in Dentistry
    We are using modern dental instruments such as:

*   Electronic Apex-Locator – With the use of sound waves, we measure the exact length of the canal. That way, we can clean and fill the root to its end.
*   Ultrasonic Irrigation System – The root canal is cleaned thanks to the ultrasonic vibration it prodces.
*   The digital X-ray – It not only produces less radiation, but is also developed immediately with high image quality and is presented to you.
*   Magnifying Glasses With Fiber Optic Light – They provide the dentist with a better visibility, especially when dealing with complex canals.

With modern root canal treatment, you can maintain your beautiful natural smile and have nothing holding you back from your everyday pleasures, such as eating the foods you love. Of course, we understand that you may feel a bit nervous about anything related to dentistry. At The Dental Suite, you can dare to claim a stress-free and painless root canal. Do you know why? Because at our clinics, you can have exactly that!



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