Not sure how different a dental hygienist is to a dentist?

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

At the Dental Suite, we get many patients coming in who don’t really understand what a dental hygienist is. What is common, is that they do see a dentist every six months, which is great, but they don’t visit a hygienist just as often. It becomes apparent to us that they don’t consider seeing a hygienist a big deal and they appear to not be fully aware of the significance of a hygienist’s job.

In order to clear the fog, and shed some light on the confusion, we will demonstrate that the dentist and the hygienist are two different dental professionals that carry out different tasks. However, they work hand-in-hand with one another. That said; let’s see what a hygienist really does and how important his job is to maintain your oral health and the excellent results you have achieved after an orthodontic (comprehensive or cosmetic) treatment.

What is a Dental Hygienist?

A dental hygienist has been specifically trained in the cleaning and the maintenance of the mouth, teeth, and gums. At our clinic, when a patient comes in for their regular dental health check, we ask them to be referred to the hygienist, who spends at least 20-30 minutes cleaning their gums.

Benefits from Seeing a Hygienist

Regular professional cleaning by the hygienist is imperative because this will help keep your mouth healthy and clean, too. That way, you also help keep your breath fresh. By seeing a hygienist regularly (ideally every 3-6 months) you have decreased chances of either requiring fillings or losing teeth. This means that you will be able to hang onto your teeth for as long as possible while keeping those costs down in terms of having dental treatment.

What about Nervous Patients?

It is important to treat nervous patients with extra care and be as gentle as possible, as well as considerate towards their dental phobias. Many patients do not see a hygienist after their treatment has occurred, due to various fears (e.g. the equipment used, the fact that they may feel pain, or because they simply do not trust the clinical skills of the hygienist). At the Dental Suite, we have managed to make what, to others, seems extraordinary, a daily routine for us. Through our experience, many of our nervous patients (or other patients) are amazed by how comfortable their treatment is, every single day, at our clinics. As per their sayings, they don’t feel anything when they get their gums and teeth cleaned!


Of course, it is critical to also maintain your oral health by making sure you:

  • brush twice a day,
  • use mouthwash daily, and
  • floss in between your teeth to get into those areas which a toothbrush can’t get into.
  • By doing all of this, as well as seeing a hygienist regularly, you’ll be able to maintain the health of your gums, mouth, and teeth.

All in all, if you want to prevent any future problems from occurring, you need to see a hygienist regularly, which is very important in dental health care. At the Dental Suite, our expert hygienists are always thrilled to become your trusted and powerful allies towards keeping your oral health at supreme levels.



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