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New for Old Crowns: Crown replacement procedures


article by Raha Sepehrara

Crowns do not last forever and need replacing in time, but there are many other reasons why patients ask for their old crowns to be replaced.  The colour might not be a good match, the shape might not be to your liking, a black band might have developed near the gum, or the crown may not fit well or have chipped or broken and be uncomfortable.  Whatever the reason, The Dental Suite will help you painlessly replace your crowns.

As you will already have had treatment, possibly root canal work, you may expect that replacing an old crown will be an equally traumatic experience if it did not go well for you or you suffer from dental phobia.  Fear not; we are skilled in sedation dentistry and will be able to offer you a pain-free experience.  If you are very scared of the dentist and all kinds treatment, we can give you intravenous sedation. With sedation, you will be so relaxed,  you will not even remember the procedure.

Alternatively, if you are frightened of needles and injections, you can use the Wand. The Wand is a computerised instrument which resembles a pen.  It delivers the anaesthetic to the area to be numbed without the need for needles.

During your initial consultation, the dentist will discuss your needs and expectations.  You may choose a whitening treatment, and this is carried out prior to replacing your old crowns to ensure a good colour match when your new crowns are made and fitted.

A crown replacement appointment is similar to your previous appointment when your original crown was fitted.  Following the numbing procedure, and sedation if required, treatment can begin.  The old crown is removed and the underlying tooth assessed.  If it is decayed and needs a filling, we will advise you of this. If it is a healthy tooth, it may need shaping to fit a new crown.  At this stage, the dentist will make a physical mould of your mouth ready to send to the laboratory where your new crown will be made,   allowing for a perfect shape, fit and colour.

Alternatively, a computerised scan will be made avoiding having a mould tray put into your mouth.  A temporary crown will be fitted and you will be asked to return when your new replacement crown is ready.

From your mould, or scan, the highly skilled technicians at our laboratory will handcraft your new crown from appropriate materials such as ceramic or resin to combine the right degree of strength and aesthetics.  Depending on the position of the crown, it might be a molar or an incisor, it will need to be strong enough to take the pressure when you repeatedly bite down.  The crowns are shaped and colour matched to the best specifications.  Once the work is completed, you will return for a final appointment and have your crown fitted.

If you would like an appointment to discuss having your old crowns replaced, please call The Dental Suite HERE

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