Nervous Patients

Everyday we meet new patients or speak to people who are absolutely terrified of the dentist.

These fears usually develop following a past bad experience at the dentist. Some people are so petrified of having dental treatment that avoid going to the dentists for decades.

Here at the Dental Suite, we have experience in treating anxious patients and have been doing so for over 20 years. Because we are so experienced, we getting patients from all over the country, from Loughborough, Leicester, Plymouth, Scotland.

The various techniques we use are:

– behaviour modification

-oral sedation

-IV sedation

We believe we can succesfully help some anxious patients beat their fears by treating them in a calm relaxing environment. Our team are very friendly and approachable and manage to make all our patients feel at ease.

Oral sedation and IV sedation are also great techniques to help nervous patients get through dental treatment. Sedation will make you more relaxed when being treated and you will not remember much about the treatment either.

Many of our patients who used to be petrified of the dentists have told us that they have managed to beat their fears since coming to the Dental Suite


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