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Little Black Holes or Little Black Dress – Get your fillings fixed


article by Raha Sepehrara

All dressed up for a party in a new outfit, a little black frock or a well-pressed new shirt, but you know you can never feel or look your best if you have painful decay, little black holes in your teeth or need a filling replaced.  Perhaps you have kept this a  secret or procrastinated, putting off visiting the dentist as, to be honest, you are just too scared.  The Dental Suite welcomes anxious patients to their relaxed modern practices and guides them gently through their treatment, allaying their fears and restoring their teeth to good health.  No more terrifying, noisy drills and no more unsightly amalgam fillings. You can look and feel your best and start leaving your anxieties behind.

If one, or more, of your teeth has been damaged by tooth decay, and the decay has been removed by your dentist to ensure it is healthy, it has to be repaired.  Fillings can now be made of a white material that looks more natural with your healthy teeth and can make the repair look almost invisible, giving you a beautiful smile.

Perhaps you have nagging pain and suspect you need a new filling. Not all teeth can be restored or the holes filled, but your dentist will advise you as to the best course of treatment and what can be done to repair or restore your fillings, informing you if you need a different course of treatment such as a crown.

Methods of ensuring patients have a pain free experience have improved beyond measure in recent years.  The WAND, a computerised pen like method distributes anaesthetic in extra small doses, leaves you free to relax and enjoy your favourite music or movie in comfortable surroundings while your dentist completes your treatment and makes your new fillings, painlessly.

If you haven’t yet received IV-Sedation or the WAND, you may still feel sceptical.  We do understand.  At The Dental Suite, we care for your emotional well-being as well as your dental health. Above all, we want you to leave our practice having had a good experience, never fearing a visit to the dentist again.

Give yourself the best present this year and have those holes filled.  Get in touch with us in The Dental Suite and receive your first consultation for FREE!

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