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All of us will regularly build-up a layer of tartar on our teeth, some people will get a bigger build-up than others, but everyone should have a regular professional clean. Your dentist will recommend how often you should see the hygienist.

What is a hygienist?


Dental hygienists are specially trained to work with the dentist in giving gum treatment and oral hygiene advice to patients


Why should I see a hygienist?

Dentists advise seeing the hygienist as she/he has been specially trained to carry out scaling and polishing and can spend longer with you. They are also highly experienced at showing you how to look after your teeth and gums. In some cases, you will need a number of appointments with the hygienist to get the gums healthy ready for the dentist to restore the teeth with crowns, implants or fillings.


What are the benefits of a professional clean with the hygienist?

       Healthier teeth and gums

       Fresher breath

       Higher success of dental treatments such as veneers, implants, teeth straightening etc

       Positive effects on your general health

How can a hygienist visit benefit my general health?

Recent research has found a link between gum disease and heart disease. Scientists have found that bacteria responsible for gum disease could travel in your bloodstream and potentially harm your heart.

What are the signs of gum disease?

       Gum bleeding

       Gum swelling

       Purple-red gums

       Bad breath

Gum disease at the early stages can be reversed without permanent damage to your bone and gums. If gum disease progresses then the damage will be permanent and gums and bone around the teeth will shrink eventually causing teeth to become loose and potentially fall out.

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