How to treat a chipped tooth

We get lot of emails from people asking us what is the best treatment for chipped teeth following trauma. We just recently had a patient who had chipped two of her front teeth after falling over whilst shopping in Leicester city centre. 


First of all, the most important thing is to inform your dentist of the exact circumstances of the trauma received. If the broken tooth was caused by being hit or by falling over, it is very important that the dentist assesses the tooth and takes an xray if necessary to exclude root fracture and that there is no infection in the root.

once the health of the tooth has been ascertained, we can start thinking about how to restore it.

The options are:

– composite white fillings

porcelain veneers

-porcelain crowns

We can tell our patients what the most suitable form of treatment is after carrying out the above assessments and the choice of restoration also depends on the extent of the tooth fracture.

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