How to improve your smile with Leicester Loughborough Dentist

There are many ways to improve someone’s smile

– veneers


-white fillings

teeth straightening

– teeth whitening

or by combining any of the treatments above

Below are some examples of teeth straightening cases carried out at our practices in Leicester and Loughborough


Case 1- this lovely patient wanted to close the gaps between her teeth and straighten her teeth in time for a special occasion. She had 6 month braces and the results were fantastic


before 6 month braces

after 6 month braces

Case 2- this lovely lady did’t like her twisted discoloured teeth andwanted to improve the appearance of her teeth and had 6 month braces and whitening with outstanding results

Before treatment

After treatment

Case 3- this pleasant gentleman was unhappy about his sticky out tooth and wanted it corrected and he also opted for 6 month braces


before 6 month braces

after treatment

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