How to Get Rid of a Toothache without Feeling any Pain

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

Are you experiencing an ongoing toothache or hypersensitivity from a tooth that is affecting your everyday wellbeing? Many people do and, of course, wonder what the cause might be for such discomfort. Admittedly, we all want to save our own tooth, but what lies behind a toothache? Maybe, if we dig up the root of the problem, we will be able to learn more about how we can actually keep our own teeth for as long as possible.

Causes of Toothaches

There can be many causes of a toothache but mostly these are associated with bacteria invading the pulp or nerve of the tooth.
Although the teeth seem to be hard and solid they actually are very porous. They consist of tiny tubes called tubules. Being microscopic in size they are wide enough for bacteria living in the mouth, underneath fillings and crowns, and into gum pockets, to invade and grow within those tubules.

These bacterial colonies change depending on the environment and some of them are capable of producing powerful toxins. It is these bacteria, their toxins, and by-products that are responsible for the irritation and aggravation of your immune system, pulp and consequently toothache.

Research suggests that the sooner the source of irritation is removed, by performing root canal treatment where appropriate, the higher the success rate of the root canal treatment. What is more, there is a greater chance you could keep your own tooth, and all that, pain-free (up to 98%). Having said that, why wait and wait for that tooth to heal itself or your toothache to just go away some magical way? We can understand you may be feeling nervous when thinking of dental procedures, but, we assure you, The Dental Suite is equipped with all the latest in sedation dentistry that will make your experience in our clinics a relaxing one. 

How to Prevent a Toothache?

By regular dental health checks with your dentist, who will detect any leaking or failing restorations, initial caries, and/or gum disease, you will decrease the risk of developing future need of root canal treatment. In cases where irritation has become irreversible or bacteria are aggressive in nature, root canal treatment (performed as soon as possible) will lead to a higher success rate in the long term and your quality of life will improve.

Don’t let a toothache ruin your daily lives and mess up your spirits. We may be able to save your aching tooth by doing a root canal, or, even better, you could visit us in the first instances of your toothache and get the problem fixed with only a filling. There is no point in waiting for a long time to see what happens. You know what’s next and it will get you into a lot of dental trouble. 

To us, you are more than just another patient. Let us show you the wondrous methods we use that relax nervous patients and make any treatment a walk in the park for them!



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