How do we Help Our Nervous Patients Overcome Their Fears?

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

Here at The Dental Suite, we are confident we can help even the most scared of patients through their treatment. Our professional team have years of experience between them when it comes to dealing with even the most difficult dental dilemmas, and realise that every patient’s needs are different. Something that one patient may be fine with, another may be completely frightened by – it’s up to us to find the right balance in our procedures to ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible at all times.

That being said, for someone who has been scared of the dentists for a number of years, we completely understand that if you haven’t even used us before then you may be less than convinced by our confidence. Our patients, on the other hand, are just like you – some are nervous, some are frightened. What testimonials such as this one show is that these are fears that can be overcome.

“I was very nervous, very apprehensive when I first approached the Dental Suite. I’ve had the same dentist for something like 25 years and I’ve developed a certain level of trust and understanding with him in that time – this really was a step into the unknown for me.

I have had trouble going to the dentist ever since I can remember; the whole experience just turns me into a nervous wreck. Heading to a new practice with dentists I didn’t know – well, this made me feel uneasy to say the least.

I am fortunate to say that since starting my treatment with Dental Suite, my perception of the dentist has changed massively. I can’t really describe how positive the whole thing has been. From the staff who welcomed me to begin with to the nurses who prepped me for the treatment, and of course the dentists themselves, everyone has been so reassuring throughout the entirety of my time spent here.

The treatment itself was an extraction, which is enough to put my on edge as it is. In fact, I was utterly scared about the whole thing. Previous extractions have left me with hugely negative experiences and caused me to worry when it comes to contemplating any more, but at the Dental Suite I can go on record to say that the dentist and the nurses were absolutely wonderful.

I was given some numbing gel at the beginning – a new experience in itself – and the local anaesthetic worked like a dream.  I never felt a thing.The nurses were extremely gentle with me as they knew of my nervousness, and it did take a long while making sure that the gums were taken back and everything, but when the tooth came out I didn’t even notice! All I can say to anyone faced with going through similar treatments with similar worries to me, the team here are utterly fantastic.

Of course, I am not going to say that going to the dentist is a positive experience – that is something that will never change, I’m afraid – but I wouldn’t be nearly as afraid to come to the dentist should I need some treatment in the future. I’d recommend the Sleep Smile Suite in a heartbeat. It’s modern dentistry at its best”.

If you are worried that you may need dental treatment but the whole experience is an anxious one, don’t panic – you still have options open to you. Here at The Dental Suite we’re on hand to help you through whatever procedures you need, all in a calm but professional environment. Contact us HERE today for more information.



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