Gum Treatment in Birstall, Leicester, Oadby

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, straight, white smile.

A beautiful smile can be achieved with treatments such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening, veneers, crowns, implants etc.

The most important thing to consider prior to having any form of cosmetic dental treatment is the health of your gums. Are your gums healthy? your gums are the foundation to your teeth, therefore if the health of your gums is not good, then cosmetic dental treatment is not going to be succesful.

It is very important to have a thorough check up with the dentist prior to embarking on cosmetic dental treatment. At our practices in Leicester/Loughborough, we carry out a thorough examination, where we check the health of your teeth, gums, bone around your teeth, your jaw joints, your soft tissues.

If your gums are not 100% healthy, then we offer gum treatments such as simple scale and polishes, to deeper cleans for those with more serious gum problems.

We can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted! Give us a call!

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