Gagging During Dental Treatment Leicester Loughborough Nottingham

The Gag reflex is a natural response as it is a contraction of the back of the throat to prevent choking. Touching the back of the roof of the mouth can instigate a gag response. Some people have a more sensitive gag response than others and may gag more easily. Because of this hypersensitive gag response, patients may avoid dental treatment for various reasons. Sometimes dental phobia can contribute to an increased gag reflex.

At the Dental Suite, we have a wealth of experience in treating Nervous Patients and in treating patients with a increased gag response. There are many ways that hyperactive gag response can be reduced: IV sedation, Hypnotherapy or acupuncture.

We always like to stress that avoiding the dentist turns minor problems in major problems, therefore if you are apprehensive about dental treatment , why not give us a call. We can help you!


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