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From Disgrace To Dignity: Afraid of Humiliation by the Dentist


article by Raha Sepehrara

Most young people and children happily attend their dental appointments without a second thought and have a great rapport with their dentist, totally oblivious to the fear these visits once held for their parents. They are the lucky ones! Some of us have held on to deeply rooted fears for a lifetime suffering terrible toothache and blackened or missing teeth rather than subject ourselves to a visit to the dentist and all that entails. Even if we know modern dentists and their practices have come a million miles from the white tiled surgeries, with the big black chair and full of torturous looking equipment and smelling of ether, we still fear the dentist not only because we fear the pain of treatment but because we fear the degradation of a tongue-lashing.

You would like good teeth, a confident smile, and a healthy mouth, but you are under the impression a dentist might be so appalled by the state of your teeth he might humiliate you, reprimand you or refuse to treat you at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. Leave your childhood memories behind and experience the caring and sympathetic attitude of modern Leicester or Loughborough dentists at the Dental Suite. Once you step inside you will be treated with respect and understanding and never fear a visit to the dentist again. Don’t fear disgrace but claim your dignity and your new teeth.

If your teeth have turned black or fallen out or if you are suffering from a terrible toothache or abscesses, please don’t suffer alone. Our dentists see lots patients with teeth that have been left untreated for a lifetime and have plenty of experience of treating dental disease and totally debilitated mouths on a daily basis. You might think you have the worst teeth in the world, but we can reassure you that whatever you think there is always someone worse off. Our practices are calm, peaceful places full of light and good humour. The last thing we would do is to make you feel uncomfortable or belittled.

There are numerous reasons patients have failed to look after their teeth. It may have begun with unsympathetic dentists in your childhood who treated you roughly, painful drilling or extractions or perhaps there was a time in your life you could not afford treatment. Everyone has a personal reason for having failed to visit a dentist for many years. The dentists at Dental Suite do not judge anyone.

Take courage and visit the dentist. From your very first consultation to your final treatment, you will be treated with the utmost respect and admiration. Admiration for being brave enough to take the first step towards healthy teeth and a whole new life. A confident you with a great smile is close at hand. The dentist will pay great attention to your needs and discuss sedation techniques if you are scared of pain or needles. A diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan prepared to offer you short appointments as opposed to lengthy sessions, so you get used to being at the dentists in your own good time. You are in control right from the start.

And if you are afraid treatment and replacement teeth is beyond your budget and out of reach, we offer a payment plan to make a healthy mouth and a great smile instantly affordable. Don’t suffer in silence. For a free consultation contact The Dental Suite HERE and discuss all your dental concerns with a friendly member of staff.

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