Dr Kalpesh Bohara on BBC radio Leicester

BBC radio Leicester asked Kal to come in for an interview on Wednesday 5th November to talk about cosmetic dentistry.

The radio presenter Rupal asked Kal questions on different types of cosmetic dentistry such as:

– what happens during a cosmetic consultation?

– what are veneers etc

Kal highlighted the importance of having a healthy mouth prior to undergoing any form of cosmetic dentistry. Once the mouth is healthy, then cosmetic work can be started. He stressed that a good cosmetic dentist not only will have great skills himself but will be using an excellent dental lab and the best dental materials on the market.

Kal also highlighted that we treat a lot of very nervous patients and that they do have neglected mouths due to their fear of dentists. He explained how we have been  able to treat successfully all the anxious patients we see and we have given them great smiles to be proud of and show off.

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