Do I have to have teeth out with Damon Braces

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

Damon braces is an entire philosophy of orthodontic treatment and comprise a favourite option for all ages. To give you an idea, they are a high-quality brace system, with a small door to lock the wire in place, and here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Damon braces for your reference.

Q: What’s so Different about Damon braces?

A: With old-fashioned braces, we had to install little elastics, to be able to keep the wire in place, paying attention that the wire was fully engaged in the brace to apply pressure and allow the tooth to move. However, the most frequent problem is that these elastics can drop off while there are times when they don’t adequately cover the wire in place, stalling the treatment. The Damon brace door though, secures the wire in place, saving both you and us from unnecessary distress.

Another issue we faced with traditional braces was that the elastic also caused friction, making it more difficult for the wire to work, which not only reduced the number of movements that could be achieved at the same time, but also slowing down the treatment. Thanks to advanced dentistry and Damon braces, we can achieve various types of movements occurring all at the same time, much quicker than ever before, without applying too much force on the teeth. This means more spaced out (and less) appointments required.

Q: Can Damon braces treat all cases?

A: The Damon braces come in metal and clear, with the first type be mainly used for moderate cases, leaving the metal Damon brace for more severe cases.

Q: What about Teeth Extraction?

A: Another great advantage of the Damon Brace is the fact that very few cases will require teeth to be taken out. With a traditional brace, the extraction rate (rate of removal of teeth) is between 40-70% while with the Damon brace is a mere 10-20%. This means more teeth saved.

Q: When do we Need to Take out Teeth?

A: Although we don’t need to take as many teeth out with the Damon Brace, there are cases when tooth extraction is the only option and here are some examples (this is not a comprehensive list):

  • If you have severe crowding, we need teeth out to make space to straighten them.
  • If your profile is already too full (we don’t want to make it even fuller and unbalanced).
  • If you have very proclined sticky out top teeth that need to be pushed back.
  • If you have very thin bone and gum recession and your teeth are already tipped forward.
  • If some of the teeth are in a very bad condition and treatment cannot commence with those teeth in your mouth.

Q: How to find out whether you need to have teeth out or not?

A: Of course, attend our free straight teeth consultation, where we will:

  • Assess your teeth and bite,
  • Go through all the available options, and
  • Discuss the costs.

Q: What is the Procedure to Get Damon Braces?

A: Providing you are entirely contented with the outcome of your consultation, we will invite you back for a dental health check and X-ray appointment to ensure your teeth and mouth are healthy, before we provide braces for you.

Once everything is OK we will set a mould, photo appointment where we will take a series of records and carry out an orthodontic assessment so we can then decide whether we need any teeth out and, if so, which ones.

Q: Where do I get to know more about Damon Braces?

A: For any questions, concerns, or queries, please feel free to contact us or call our Straight Teeth Suite clinic in Leicester on 0116 298 6469.



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