Dental Implants

Implants have been around for many decades and they have shown to be the best way of replacing missing teeth.

A dental implant is basically a screw that acts as a root onto which a crown, a bridge or a denture can be attached.

Kal places many implants every week and I have seen many of his cases. He has had patients from all over the country, from  Nuneaton to Nottingham, from Loughborough to Scotland, coming to see him and to have implants done by him. He has had great results, this is due to his careful planning and excellent surgical skills. He uses a great lab technician who is also highly skilled and this guarantees that the crowns, dentures or bridges that he places look as  natural as possible.

I had a dental implant done by Kal last year. I had a gap in the region of my lower first molar and was fed up with the gap as I found it very irritating. I no have a procelain crown attached to the implant and it looks so natural. When I show the implant to my friends and colleagues, no one can believe that tooth is not natural!

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