Dental Implants in Leicester, Loughborough and Oadby

Dental Implants look, feel and function as natural teeth, not only can they improve your appearance but also greatly increase your confidence and reduce the risk of embarassing situations due to very loose dentures.

Have you every thought about dental implants to anchor your dentures and make your dentures more stable in your mouth?

Implants can replace one tooth or more or can be used as anchors for dentures. We see patients from all over the UK and Leicestershire, such as Loughborough, Leicester and Oadby and they all request implants either to replace missing teeth or to anchor their dentures on them.  It has been reported that over 2/3 of denture wearers complaing of discomfort or difficulty with their normal dentures. So, if you are one of them and you are unhappy with your smile, why not come and see us, dental implants could be the solution!

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