Dental Implants for missing teeth in Leicester Loughborough Derby

At The Dental Suite, we see many patients who require implants to replace teeth which are lost due to decay or periodontal disease.

This is an example of a case , which was treated by our implant dentist , Dr Bohara. This patient presented to us with gum disease. Her teeth were mobile and all of them had a poor prognosis.
The options which were given were
Dentures retained by dental implants which give great stability.
Fixed bridges with dental implants.

This patient wished high quality dental implants with a screw retained fixed bridges. We discussed the various materials available to achieve the cosmetically result she desired. The patient wished our superior range of acrylic teeth.
It is very important when patients have this form of treatment, they understand the importance of long term maintenance with a hygienist. We recommend to all our patients who have dental implants to see the hygienist every 3 months.

The patient , as can be seen by the photos, was delighted with the final result.


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