Cosmetic Dentistry and Celebrities

We are all aware of the big boom in cosmetic dentistry in recent times. It all started with programmes like Extreme Makeovers and 10 years younger. More and more celebrities are having cosmetic dentistry to increase their confidence and improve their appearance. Some famous stars who have undergone cosmetic dental procedures are Tom Cruise, Celine Dion and Kate Beckinsale. The smile makeovers had  a great impact on these celebrities careers.

More recently, I was flicking through the American version of InStyle magazine and came across an interview of Katherine Heigl, the blonde bombshell from Grey’s Anatomy and Knocked Up. Ms Heigl admitted to be wearing Invisalign braces as she was unhappy with the position of a particular tooth. The journalist interviewing her was completely surprised by the fact this invisible braces were truly invisible!

Here at the Dental Suite in Leicestershire, we offer invisible braces as well as other cosmetic dental procedures. Invisible braces are very popular among adults wishing to straighten their teeth as they are hardly noticeable. Great results can be achieved with Invisalign.


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