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Consultations – why are they so important?


article by Raha Sepehrara

Sometimes both Kal and I get patients emailing us enquiring whether they are suitable for certain treatments, asking us for costs and appropriate treatments. Sometimes we even get photographs emailed to us from places all over the country, from nearby Leicester to Glasgow.

Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible for us to diagnose a problem and to come up with the best treatment and costs without actually seeing the patient! It is absolutely fundamental to go to the dentist so that:

-full detailed medical history is taken

-full thorough dental check up of the mouth and teeth is carried out

-radiographs are taken


only in this way can a dentist come up with a diagnosis and a treatment plan best suited for the individual. Each person is different and therefore each one of us will need different types of treatments.

Here at the Dental Suite, we carry out a very thorough check up and use the latest technology to aid diagnosis.

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