Celebrity smile makeovers

I really enjoy reading fashion magazines and gossip magazines when am having a break and am relaxing at weekends. They are also a great way of learning about celebrity smile makeovers.

This week I saw before and after pictures of Cheryl Cole, Kate Beckinsale and Celine Dion.

Cheryl Cole used to have prominent canines and small lateral incisors, which are now more symmetrical and proportional to each other. From the photos, it looks like she may have had veneers.

Kate Beckinsale had very yellow teeth prior to becoming a Hollywood star, and know she has a beautiful pearly white smile

Celine Dion used to have very crowded and yellow teeth, indicating she may have had braces and veneers to improve her smiles.

Getting a beautiful smile improves one’s confidence and can be lifechanging. I used to have crooked teeth and after having six month braces treatment I have now straight teeth and am proud of them and am more confident when smiling and speaking.


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