Bridal Smile Makeover in Nottingham, Beeston, Sandiacre

Due to our wealth of experience and to the may different types of treatments we provide at our dental clinic near Nottingham, Beeston, Sandiacre, we get a lot of brides-to-be coming to see us wishing to improve their smile for their special day.

The treatments most popular amongst our brides-to-be are:

– invisalign

6month braces (6 month smiles)

-Teeth whitening

– Professional scale and polish

The 2 patients shown below are an examples of brides-to-be wishing a beautiful straight, white smile, for their wedding day.

Bride-to-be patient case study 1

Before scale and polish and 6 month smilesAfter Scale and Polish and 6 month smiles


Bride-to-be case study 2Before 6 month smiles

After 6 month Smiles

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