Botox and Dentistry

Yesterday I came across an article on the Sunday Telegraph reporting on the increase in number of dentists carrying out facial rejuvenation procedures, like Botox and dermal fillers. Here at the Dental Suite we also offer these treatments.

I truly believe that dentists are the best at providing this sort of treatments for the following reasons:

– we have a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, which is essential when carrying out such procedures

– we give hundreds of injections a week and we are good at giving painless injections

Great results can be achieved with Botox and fillers.

With Botox we can iron out frown lines, horizontal forhead lines, crow’s feet and we can also do brow lifts to achieve a more feminine arched brow. Botox is not only for women, there are an increasing number of men seeking this treatment.

Dermal fillers are great to smoothen smile lines, smokers lines around lips and to plump up lips. I recently treated a lovely lady from Leicester and the results were fantastic!


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