Baby Come Back – Your Straight Teeth Will Go Wonky Again Unless…

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

You have just completed your brace treatment, and you are over the moon with how your new smile looks. Don’t let your teeth start moving back into the position they were in before you had braces – because this will happen if you do not follow this advice.

In this article, we will outline the most common causes leading to teeth moving back out-of-shape and what you need to do to avoid this happening.

Teeth will move back – it’s a fact!

It is no secret – you have just worn your braces for however long, and that involved your teeth moving! It should come as no surprise that your teeth will be just as keen to move back into the shape they were in before treatment.

Teeth are dynamic and will move as pressure and force are applied to them, even after you’ve had braces.

What can lead to my teeth moving?

Lots of factors can lead to your teeth shifting; this can include teeth grinding or clenching, dental restorations, tongue thrusting and certain lifestyle habits such as smoking or nail-biting. As we age, naturally teeth will move as our facial structures change.

Your retainer is your best friend

Ensuring your smile remains straight for a lifetime means wearing your retainer. There are two types of retainer: permanent (fixed) & removable. The permanent retainer is a small piece of wire fitted to the back of the teeth to help hold them in place. The removable retainer is a plastic gum shield that our dentists suggest to wear whilst sleeping each night.

Here at The Dental Suite, we do our best to give you a helping hand by placing a ‘permanent’ retainer to the back-sides of the teeth that have previously had a brace on.

We do all the hard work by gluing this discreet retainer on the moment your braces are removed – you will soon forget that it is even there. This fine piece of metal will now be holding your new smile straight and in place.

Principal Dentist at The Dental Suite Dr Raha Sepehrara underlines the importance of wearing your retainers, “you are undoing all of the hard work of your braces by not wearing your retainer. There is no point in having braces if you are not willing to look after your teeth properly afterwards.”

Wear your removable retainer

We also provide all brace patients with a removable, plastic retainer to wear at night. You will receive these retainers at your next appointment following removal. Molds of your teeth are taken straight after your braces have been removed to ensure that the retainer will mirror your brand new smile and keep it in pristine shape. After Invisalign treatment, many patients forget to wear retainers, and we see numerous cases where we have to redo the treatment due to this relapse.

Teeth have a mind of their own

If it weren’t for a retainer, your teeth would begin to slip back into the same position they were in before treatment. Teeth have a ‘memory’ of where they resided beforehand and will do their best to go back to the way they are used to sitting if left untreated. Mistreatment of teeth following brace treatment is the most common reason adults often come back to us after having had braces in their teenage years.

Keep your smile for life

You’ve done the hard work by wearing your braces; now if you want to keep hold of that beautiful new smile, you have to look after it. Your smile will last as long as you wear your retainer. The fixed retainer will do lots of work, but be sure to listen to your dentists’ advice on how long and when to wear your plastic retainer for the best and lifelong-lasting results!



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